Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Photo Cards

I finally got around to getting updated pictures of our family. This is the card that will be sent out to friends and family. If you are interested in a design with YOUR own pictures or mine, I will do the design and put it on a disk for you to print where you choose for $20.00.

Check back soon for more pictures from the shoot!


Tim and Melissa said...

That's very awesome, Amber!

Sam said...

How much is it if YOU take the pics...:) Say you came and did our shoot and we did your CD deal?

Awesome..of course by the way!

Duey and Kandace said...

Amber- that is a REALLY great card! I LOVE it!!!!!:)

Sam said...

So what is the total price for you to take the pics, put them on a CD, the sitting fee and then the photo card?

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