Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nate, Marsha, and the twins

Nate and Marsha brought their girls home when they were only 12 days old. The shoot took place in their home by means of my portable studio just two days later. This shoot was special because Nate and Marsha are my brother and sister in laws, and we were there to welcome the babies into our family. The twins were a challenge to shoot, but it was so precious to have double the sweetness! The girls had a close bond, and were most comfortable when they were together, as you can imagine. I think adoption is such a beautiful gift, and we are so pleased to welcome these precious children into our family. To see Nate and Marsha interact and bond with their girls in those first days was beautiful. We were so blessed to be able to observe their journey to becoming a family, and look forward to watching the girls grow.

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Jeff & Aleigh said...

These little girls are so precious!!! I would love to see how much they've grown since these pics were taken!!

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